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Getting Help: Veteran Service Officers

There are many Veteran's benefits and entitlements, from federal, state and local authorities.  Lots of material to read, study, research, and apply for if eligible.  For those with questions, those who would like some help with the process, Veteran Service Officers are available to help.  Veteran service organizations including the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars and many others provide Service Officers for Veterans.  They have received formal training and are certified by their national organizations, some are additionally accredited by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  Service Officers do not charge for their help.  They are there to answer your questions, help you determine your eligibility and file your claim.  There is no charge for this service.

To locate a Service Officer, please contact a Veteran Service Organization.  They can put you in touch with one.  A list of Kitsap Veteran Service organizations in pdf is available, Click Here

Women's Resources Group

In focusing on the needs of our Veterans, KAVA recognizes the needs of women Veterans.  Peggy Roy is the leader and point of contact for this group.  She oversees asset distribution of the personal hygiene items and so forth beyond the usual Veteran distribution.  Additionally, at the Stand Down events, there have been women Veterans discussion groups taking place.  If you are a woman Veteran and have needs in this area, please contact Peggy.



Five Unclaimed Veterans Cremains that will be escorted 28 May to

Tahoma National Cemetery for their final resting place.  Details are on the flyer below.



                                         KAVA  Spring

The Run to Tahoma Flyer is a JPEG File and may be downloaded, 

or, CLICK HERE to download it as a PDF.