The American Legion (TAL), Seattle Post 1



Americanism Commission


     The American Legion Americanism Commission has a page on the National website at: https://www.legion.org/commissions/americanism .  Their stated purpose is to "promote an understanding and appreciation of American government, the rights and responsibilities of American citizenship, and activity in the American way of life through youth activities, community service, instruction of prospective citizens and legal immigrants, education and educational facilities, and protection of the U.S. flag from physical desecration."

      Their 2020 Annual Report at https://www.legion.org/documents/legion/pdf/2020_Americanism.pdf defines and explains the committees under their "umbrella" carrying out their mission. 

     Seattle Post 1 has an Americanism committee.  Every year, our committee purchases gravesite American Flags from the American Legion Flag and Emblem Sales for our Veterans whose remains are inturred and unurned at the Evergreen Washelli Cemetery in north Seattle for their Memorial Day and Veterans Day commemorations.  They also provide American flags at the United States Naturalization Ceremony at Seattle Center on Independence Day.