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Kitsap Area Veterans Alliance (KAVA)

The American Legion Seattle Post 1 is providing this "interim" webpage as a courtesey in support of KAVA 

The Kitsap Area Veterans Alliance (KAVA) presents a Veteran Stand Down every spring and fall, usually on the last Saturday in April and September, at the Bremerton Sheridan Park Community Center, near the Bremerton St. Michael (formerly Harrison) Hospital.  Since the COVID-19 Pandemic social distancing requirements have been created, the usual practice of having an "in person" event with services providers and representatives from the VA, WDVA, local providers, clothing and grocery distribution, haircuts, dental services and so forth, have become unfeasible.  KAVA has temporarily shifted the services from an "in person" atmosphere to simply verifying eligibility and being handed a "Grab and Go" bag containing some essentials including purchase cards for groceries, for a restaurant, some Kitsap Transit bus tokens (for those needing them), toiletries, and other items to our clients.  These are available at prearranged locations, and once the brief onsite Veteran verification process is completed, a Grab and Go bag is issued and the next client is assisted.  This allows for the social distancing requirements to be met.  It also provides the opportunity for the client to ask questions about other services and needs for follow up.  KAVA looks forward to returning to the "full service" scanario.

KAVA is a 501(c)(3) organization supported by the Kitsap County Veterans Advisory Board, elected officials, Veteran service organizations and others.  It has a board, chaired by Wayne Hammock, meeting quarterly and a planning committee, chaired by Jim McKenna.  Planning committee meetings are weekly as we approach the April event. 


Gary L. Chidester, Board Member 2019-2021                  Joseph Kochera, Board Member 2019-2021                     KAVA Board Executive Committee:  Robert Edwards, Board Member 2019-2021                    Dennis Mannick, Board Member 2019-2021               Robert W. Hammock, Chair 2019-2020

Carolyn Wiley-Frasier, Board Member 2019-2021          James J. McKenna, Board Member 2019-2021           Gary L. Chidester, Treasurer 2019-2020

Robert W. Hammock, Board Member 2019-2021           Kathleen Painter, Board Member 2019-2021             James J. McKenna, Secretary 2019-2020

Mike Johnson, Board Member 2019-2021r                      Gary Trudeau, Board Member 2019-2021                   VACANT    2019-2020      




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