The American Legion (TAL), Seattle Post 1


Veteran Service Officer (VSO)

      The American Legion can help you file your claim.  

     Here is an American Legion video about an interview with a Service Officer: TAL YouTube "Service Officer"

     As A Veteran, if you have a question about submitting a claim, we invite you to make contact with an American Legion Veteran Service Officer.  If you have questions please contact us at " email@seattlepost1.org " or voicemail (253) 600-6608.  Funding for this service is by grant dollars, there is no charge for this service to the Veteran. 

Seattle Post 1's elected (and Disabled American Veterans (DAV)) certified Veteran Service Officer, Daphne "Nikki" Niquette is available to help you explore eligibility and answer your questions.  Additionally, Debra Wood is also available to assist, also with DAV VSO certification.

TAL Service Officer Procedure Guide

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